A WOMENSWEAR BRAND for easy essentials.
The REN™ Catalogue

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What's REN™?
We at REN celebrate boldness, being free, to live on your own terms. The clothes are made for every woman who doesn’t shy away from making a bold statement. Our playful silhouettes are a conversation starter and hence quintessential to every wardrobe.

Our collection is effortless, they are easy to style, transitional and elegant. They fit into all your roles and moods making you look stunning in each of them.
REN is about a bit of self-love, little smiles and all things simple. REN has unique designs, use of colors and silhouettes.
RENMuse, we see someone who is comfortable in herself and her style. She stands confident and It appears to be her natural poise. Her aura is strong yet appreciable.
REN ensembles are chic, fluid fabrics that love you back and fit that will complement your every move.

We'd love to see you in REN™. Share your look with us @renbymanjiree